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I got my dose of the Australian accent the last couple of days, after having Rachel Calleja here for short visit. She was our headlining guest artist the finals in Malmö, and it was really awesome to see her perform.

Poetry Slam finals

I’m so proud of our slam scene. We have an awesome audience, and we have so many talented poets. We jokingly claim that our finals are like the nationals, but after yesterday it feels more true than ever.

I have taken a break in competing in Sweden, not because I feel that I don’t have anything to say, but rather because there are so many others that say it better, and I’m really proud to be able to facilitate for them to have a space on stage.

With that said, I’m filled up to my ears with inspiration now, and even though lack of sleep probably is getting the better of me after two days of work, wine and poetry, it feels great and I’m almost jittery with words stumbling about wanting to come out and be written and most of all said.

Next time I’m on stage is a slam in Denmark, in Valby, a slam about gender and bodyhair (!). Hopefully that’ll be heaps of fun.