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So, I got it into my head that I should start writing book reviews. Mostly just because I read a sh*tload of them and after that they just hang around on my shelves like tokens of time most often well spent but sometimes quite uselessly burned. 

I read mostly Sci-fi, dystopian and fantasy right now, but also a fair amount of crime, vampire smut and general crap literature.  Since I write myself and also have a quite hefty background in diving into the deep end of heavy hard elitist texts, I figured it would be fun for me to see what I really think about the books when I’m not just consuming them like a starving dog in a slaughter house running amok.

Actually I’ve sort of started already. I have a review that is getting published soon, but that was is in Swedish. I’ll most likely translate that and put it up here as well.

Anyway. I figured one review a week should cover this, so be prepared for the onslaught of reviews.