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So when the sun came out and life got properly going again – I hopped on a train and started my journey up north to Umeå and the arctics. No, I’m kidding, it’s actually about 400 km/40 mil from the arctic circle.


The Swedish Poetry Slam championships take place up there next week, and I’m performing at the Kulturnatta on saturday (night of culture? There is probably and awesome english name for the concept) at 11:45 pm at the dance stage, holding workshops thursday and friday and generally hanging around helping out tuesday and monday. Oh, and yes, I’ll be MC for the indiviual bouts and teampiece bouts on wednesday and thursday.

I’m sure it’ll be awesome. I’m going to stay at a friends house so I have the freedom of getting the f*ck out of there if it gets not so awesome. I’ll have the privilege to hang out on a championship without having to deal with 24/7 poets being crazy nervous everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I love my poets. They are wonderful people. But nervous humans? In general? Can’t handle it.

I remember not remembering shit from the championships in Gothenburg for example. Deadly cocktail of adrenaline, bitterness, poetry and cheap beer can do that to you. It feels pretty good not to be competing. Then I can spend time remembering what everyone else is doing instead of having black outs from being nervous.

Yes. I still get that sometimes. I still get nervous – like goddamn nothing else – at bigger competitions. I think it’s part of the charm of competing. You push yourself, you make a dare, and then suddenly everyone is clapping and you with your thundering heart and lovely voice said things that made the audience listen. It is worth all the sweat. It is always worth it.

My team from the championships in 2012. We won. Just sayin.

If you feel like joining up for the workshops (it’s just 30 SEK per workshop) you can look here. If you love me already, which you off course do you can send in you name and info here (and if you want to attend the advanced on friday or beginners on thursday. Both workshops start at 15.00).

Otherwhise just hook me up for a rullpizza and some beers and I’ll love you forever, as always.