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It is getting mighty cold here. Snow on the ground, clouds heavy and purple hanging over everyone. I’m desperately looking for timecold to write and work with text, but right now I’m working on applying for money from the european union to work with the european championships in poetry slam 2014.

It’s hard to find space both for writing and for working. I count my writing as work, but I do have to eat as well. As always in winter I have a hard time finding enough motivation to do all of it.

I’m trying. We all are. Sweden is a mess in winter and you can see people falling apart like dried out logs, pieces of them flaying all over the place while the center of them is lost to no one and nothing.

I want to dig my hands into the quotes that are pushing like puppies against the back of my skull, but I have no paper here. All I have is enough energy to get the tiny specks of necessary done. That application here, that tax thing there. That’s it.

Hopefully come spring, there will be text raining over me like storm hail, but right now, all I have is sentences banging on the doors of my inner walls like kids waiting to get back in from the cold.